Phyllis Merrill Uncommon the Book Author

Phyllis Merrill and all the other experts in this book will share with you UNCOMMON strategies for an EXTRAORDINARY life of health, wealth, and success.

Phyllis is driven and energetic and brings a different type of intelligence to the challenges of health care insurance. She is passionate about bringing cost transparency to the payment of medical claims, empowering organizations and consumers to take control of their medical care, paying only fair and reasonable prices.

Her long history in the health plan administration world has allowed her to clearly identify the flaws, abuses and the egregious pricing tactics of hospitals and other providers. She is a strong and passionate advocate for bringing transparency to business owners and reducing employee benefit costs.

Phyllis has spoken to thousands of healthcare and insurance professionals in an educational capacity and has been interviewed on major media outlets. She has introduced and guided hundreds of company founders, CEOs, CFOs and HR directors to the benefits and rewards of a properly structured health benefit plan. She is a leading advocate of the various cost-containment strategies now available to organizations to gain control of their healthcare dollars and reduce the cost of providing benefits to their

Phyllis would love to help you excel in life and business as well. Reach out today for some of her best “uncommon” tips for success!